Precious Metals

At Celtic Promise, our Master Jewelers hand pick only the finest Gold, Silver and Platinum for their jewelry. So that you can truly value the beauty and quality of our collections, we have compiled a short guide to increase your understanding of what your are purchasing. We offer a choice of yellow or white 10, 14 and 18 karat gold, as well as Sterling Silver and Platinum; all hallmarked to guarantee the highest quality at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.

Metals - Celtic Promise The following information will help you better understand precious metals, their properties, and help you in your decision making process when shopping on our site:


White and yellow gold are comparable in terms of purity, or "karat". The key difference between the two is in the mixture of alloys used to strengthen the gold, as pure gold is quite soft. Yellow gold is a mixture of pure gold and alloys of zinc and copper. White gold on the other hand is made out of the mixture of pure gold and some white metals like palladium and silver. We recommend that you base your decision according to your personal taste, as each are exquisite in their own right and will make a fabulous purchase no matter what the occasion.

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A hallmark, is a mark or series of marks on jewelry items made of precious metals; platinum, gold and silver. Historically, hallmarks were applied by a trusted party or the ‘guardians of the craft’ - nowadays they are applied by an Assay Office. These marks guarantee a certain purity or fineness of the metal.

Hallmarks - Celtic Promise Each piece of Celtic Promise gold and platinum jewelry produced in Ireland must be examined, verified and passed for quality at Dublin Castle’s Assay Office. Since 1637 the Assay Office has been in existence to guarantee the quality of jewelry produced in Ireland. It is run and organized by a group of Master Jewelers in Dublin who are representatives of the jewelry industry in Ireland. The primary responsibility for its members is to ensure that the various gold, silver and platinum alloys and karat marks measure up to the declared standards. We are required by Irish law to submit all Irish made products to the assay office for testing. If standards are not met for a particular piece, it will be destroyed or marked with a lower gold content. Celtic Promise only sells jewelry that has been passed and approved by Dublin Castle, ensuring quality and value for our customers.

Please note that this may mean that it takes a little longer to receive your piece, but we believe that this guaranteed stamp of authenticity and quality is definitely worth the wait!

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Caring for your jewelry is quite simple, but important for it to retain its quality and shine.

Storage: Always keep gold jewelry in a box lined with satin or velvet. Pouches are a bad idea if you’re caring for gold jewelry, because the gold pieces will rub together and wear away over time. If you have more than one item of gold jewelry in a box, it’s a good idea to wrap the smaller pieces in tissue paper to guard against scratches.

Cleaning: Along with proper storage, cleaning plays a crucial part in caring for gold jewelry. Use warm water and detergent-free soap, with a soft-bristled brush (a toothbrush is fine) for the detailed designs. When polishing or drying always use a clean, soft cotton cloth. Rub the piece in a straight, back-an-forth manner so to maintain a uniform appearance. Avoid rubbing in a circular motion. We recommend regular ‘quick cleans’ to maintain your jewelry’s beauty throughout its lifetime.

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